Risk assessment is critical for the continuation of investment in terms of potential risks in specific projects, sectors or problem areas. It is no coincidence that companies or individuals who foresee risks, take precautions and institute measures to minimize the impact of risks when they appear, survive and thrive. Commercial risks, geopolitical developments, legislative changes, threats to information and IT security, public relations and changing trends may be considered matters of risk for all enterprises.

When considering geopolitical tensions in Turkey and the region, the need for extensive risk analyses is manifest. For multidimensional risk analyses, geopolitical coverage needs to be supported by a refined capacity for public sector monitoring and sound forecasting. This requires great dynamism as much as a capacity for multidimensional analysis. High-quality risk assessment can only be achieved by means of an approach based on close knowledge of the public sector, detailed monitoring of the reflexes of the decision-making process and geopolitical developments, and a mature macroeconomic perspective. The Ankara Institute draws up road maps based on preliminary estimates and forecasts not only against current crises but potential risks, and produces risk-limiting solutions.